Top CBD Public Events and Conferences in 2020

Over the years, the market for CBD products has grown. Indeed, there is a lot of potentials with CBD for everyone. It is worth considering for stakeholders, investors, and interested consumers as well. There are various CBD products such as oil, vape, gummies, etc.; as a result, many people have embraced it.
As a businessman, you can increase your knowledge, meet fellow professionals, and improve your knowledge of cannabinoid by attending such a summit and conference. People use cannabinoid products like just cbd gummies on the go. As a result, it is gaining popularity among users, and it has a pretty huge market. Attending a CBD conference can expand your horizon and even make people notice you.
Here are some top-rated CBD public events you should consider in 2020.


For people in and around New Orleans, try and be free on the third and fourth of June. This conference will discuss exciting industry insights and projections in the cannabinoid world.
The summit will feature various participants like cannabis growers, business executives, and stakeholders. There are no speakers announced for the event yet.

2. ICBC Berlin

This conference welcomes cannabis enthusiasts from all over the globe. The event will allow all attendees to network with fellow industry leaders. There will be top people in the German Cannabis industry, as well as agencies from the international marketplace in the event.
There will be an opportunity to form new connections with fellow cannabis professionals. This is an exclusive event that will involve an after-party program like dancing, dinner, and musical performance.

3. Vape Expo Japan

Scheduled to hold from May 19 to 21, this expo will feature various exhibitions. The program welcomes enthusiasts, producers, and vendors of electronic devices, accessories, atomizers, etc.
The expo will be held in collaboration with Drugstore Health Expo. New, useful and exciting products like hempworx gummies will be displayed. Large retail outlets, investors, and startups will be present at the event.

4. USA CBD Expo

This program was scheduled to hold in August 2020. It will take place in Las Vegas, USA. The program will feature vape producers, representatives of distinguished CBD brands, and food producers.
Wellness experts will also share insights on their products. Interested persons will be able to read reviews of various products like lazarus naturals review and others. This event will feature an award ceremony for industry leaders as well.

5. CannTech San Francisco

This is a CBD tech summit that will be held in San Francisco, USA. This CBD event is targeted at Cannabis technology and the impact on the future. The summit will feature innovators, stakeholders, executives, and producers.
Producers will be able to present their products as a contest to win cash prizes. There will be gurus in the Cannabis tech world as speakers present in the summit


CBD comes with fantastic prospects for everyone. Investors, stakeholders, and business enthusiasts have seen tremendous opportunities in the field. There are hundreds of CBD projects, and many people have used them and poured out interesting testimonies. Interested users can read such reviews at https://elixinol.reviews/.
If you care about your CBD business, be sure to be present at any of these CBD conferences.